Monday, 22 April 2013

Term 2: Scarecrow Making

Zanada plans to make a number of scarecrows in Term Two.  One with the Green Fingers (Secret Garden Team), another with the Juniors in Choice and Challenge and a third as an ECO Challenge with anyone who is interested.

Bring along a hat, long sleeved shirt, some trousers or even a 'bus vest' for your scarecrow.  Remember that you will not get these things back but they are a donation to the Secret Garden.  What creative things might your scarecrow need?

There will be a school challenge to name these scarecrows.  Make sure you get involved, help make a scarecrow,  get to know them and select the best name.

File:Little Bo Peep Scarecrow.JPG -

File:Scarecrow in Rosemoor Garden 23113.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Saturday, 20 April 2013

What is being sustainable?

Look in this picture to see how they are being sustainable!

They have pigs that they feed with scraps from the house.
They have cow for milk.
The cow is fenced off from the water.  
There is a wind turbine for electricity.
There are vegetables growing.
There is a compost bin.
They collect rain water from the roof.

What we would like to do:
I can't remember the great ideas you had for this part of the challenge.  Leave a comment to tell us how you would improve this picture to make it even more sustainable.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Happy Chickens

Dougal came to visit our assembly today to tell us what he did to get chickens for his school.

These are the steps he took.....
1. Have an idea
2. Ask the teacher and principal if the idea is worth researching
3. Research the costs, needs, steps and resource people that will help make it happen
4. Present the proposal to the Board of Trustees
5. Fundraise
6. Actually follow the plan through
7. Evaluate how it is all going

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Kids-first kindy

Check out some of the great pictures I gathered from the kindy in Lincoln last night. What ideas can we get from this super kindy. Is anyone up for contacting them to see if you can visit?

School vision session

The ECO Warriors had a session with Matt today. We looked for places around school that matched words like .... calm, windy, excitingly, boring... We are starting to think about how we can improve the not-so-good parts of school and improve the good parts even more. Take a look at the pictures of us at work.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Enviro Schools - what do we already do?

What do we do at Springston?
Worm farms - just beginning
Selling produce
Bike track
Beginning bug walk
Bird feeding
Re-cycling bins
Native plantings around the car park
Some native trees around school
A little bit of cooking produce
A couple of swan plants for butterflies

Monday, 15 April 2013

ENVIRO Schools Trip

Check out the photos of our trip.  We will write comments to tell you what ideas we would love to try at Springston.  Write us a comment about what you would like to see us do at school!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

ECO Warrior's research trip

On Tuesday the ECO Warriors will be visiting three cool Selwyn Enviro Schools to gather ideas about what we could do at Springston.  Watch this blog to see all our photos and ideas about exciting opportunities to look after our Earth.

The is the Happy Hen House planned and built by the Tai Tapu Enviro Team.  We will get to check this out on Tuesday :).  Dougal will be visiting at Friday's assembly to tell us about the Enviro inquiry that resulted in his school having their very own hens.

Dreams for the Secret Garden

When Wendy from WWF  came to see us last week she mentioned that there was another round of funding coming up.  We have some good ideas about what we could do in the Secret Garden.

We were looking at the area near the front of the potting shed...
1. A paved seating area where children could sit and learn (Master Chef & Garden Time)
2. A long work bench with a sink and tap where we can prepare our produce (re cycle the water)
3. A BBQ and our own built pizza oven to cook our produce (gas cookers & pots/tools also stored in the shed)
4. A shade sail over the area to provide shade in the summer

We thought this area could become a really exciting place for all sorts of learning, sharing and celebrating.  Other people from the community and families could book in the cool pizza party area and use our wonderful Secret Garden.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WWF funding celebration

Yesterday we went to the Secret Garden for a special celebration.  Wendy, the lady from WWF had come to see what we had been spending our grant money on.  
1. The potting shed
2. The tools and wheelbarrow
We gave her a Springston A+ thanks certificate.  Take a look at it below and make sure you come to visit the Secret Garden this week.

WWF Funding Thankyou