Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dreams for the Secret Garden

When Wendy from WWF  came to see us last week she mentioned that there was another round of funding coming up.  We have some good ideas about what we could do in the Secret Garden.

We were looking at the area near the front of the potting shed...
1. A paved seating area where children could sit and learn (Master Chef & Garden Time)
2. A long work bench with a sink and tap where we can prepare our produce (re cycle the water)
3. A BBQ and our own built pizza oven to cook our produce (gas cookers & pots/tools also stored in the shed)
4. A shade sail over the area to provide shade in the summer

We thought this area could become a really exciting place for all sorts of learning, sharing and celebrating.  Other people from the community and families could book in the cool pizza party area and use our wonderful Secret Garden.

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