Monday, 22 April 2013

Term 2: Scarecrow Making

Zanada plans to make a number of scarecrows in Term Two.  One with the Green Fingers (Secret Garden Team), another with the Juniors in Choice and Challenge and a third as an ECO Challenge with anyone who is interested.

Bring along a hat, long sleeved shirt, some trousers or even a 'bus vest' for your scarecrow.  Remember that you will not get these things back but they are a donation to the Secret Garden.  What creative things might your scarecrow need?

There will be a school challenge to name these scarecrows.  Make sure you get involved, help make a scarecrow,  get to know them and select the best name.

File:Little Bo Peep Scarecrow.JPG -

File:Scarecrow in Rosemoor Garden 23113.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Hi
    I think that that is a good idea to make scarecrows and I love the photos that you have got.


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