Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ECO Workshops

Our amazing ECO Warriors taught their first lesson with Team Endeavour today.  They used their scripts to help remember what to say and did brilliantly at collecting all the great ideas from all the children.  

Check out the ideas from Team Endeavour.

Here are some of the things they love about school and the creative ideas they have about making our school even better.

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  1. The two ECO Teams ran their first sessions with other classes today and did brilliantly. The came back with huge maps full of ideas about what is great in Springston School and how we might make it even better.

    They were very proud of how they did and even thought about how to make their workshop better for the next time.

    Can you believe that children of 7- 9 are teaching classes - just like teachers! I can't wait to see what else this Enviro School Team can achieve this year.


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