Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The ECO Team - 2013 Summary

This is the ECO Team at the end of an exciting year.  We are going to list all the things we have been involved in this year so we can remember how we have helped our school and environment.  Kids working together in a team can achieve amazing things!

(Josephine & Sam were missing.)

We have done these things.....
Built a butterfly Garden - with a bug hotel
Done the Bird Survey
Planted native trees in the Secret Garden
Waste audit in Term 4
Visited other Enviro-Schools
Planted trees at Chamberlain's Ford
Had a market to raise money
Researched the cost of our hats
Made our ECO Team hats
Made scarecrows for the Secret Garden
Built a herb spiral
Taken workshops in all the classes at school
Planned our Vision Map
Made an amazing Vision Map with Maggie's Gran
Made a school promise tree for Earth Hour
Fed the birds all winter
Did bird-watching through Room 6's window
Made a bird resource on the Enviro website
For Earth Hour  - most of us in the Enviro group turned the lights out
Helping the earth by picking up rubbish

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