Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Visitors to the Butterfly Garden

We have had lots of visitors at the Butterfly Garden in our Secret Garden.

What kind of butterfly is this? If you know, please leave us a comment below.

By Ollie

Worm farmers

At school we have some worm farmers. Their names are Maya, Harriet and Kaylee.

Don't put your food waste in the rubbish bin, put it in the worm bucket in your class. The worm farmers will take it to the Secret Garden to put in a worm farm.

Our worm farms 
Inside a worm farm

By Aria 

Vege Quiz

Today we found some mystery plants in the Secret Garden. Can you guess what they are?
If you know please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Vege 1

Vege 2

Vege 3
By Logan

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Litter Pickers

The Litter Pickers are ECO leaders who are trying to get people to pick up rubbish so the school is clean. Every lunchtime they pick up rubbish and give out Gotchas to people that pick up lots of rubbish. We are looking forward to having a nice tidy school!

By Ollie from the Promotions Team

Mushroom farms in our classes

We have five mushroom farms in classes all around the school. The classes are sharing the mushrooms.
The mushrooms were given to us by Meadow Mushrooms.

Room 4 and Room 3 cooked the mushrooms in butter and we ate them with toothpicks. Most people loved the mushrooms.

The mushrooms must be in a shady place to grow. Mushrooms need water. They grow in 2-5 days. We are surprised that they can grow very fast and very big.

By Aria from the ECO Promotions Team

Saturday, 8 March 2014

ECO Team Leaders

The job descriptions are out for our ECO Team leaders.  We might need to develop more leader positions as regular jobs crop up or we have an action we want to work on.  Take a look at these roles and see which one you want to be responsible for.

Litter Pickers:

Compost Creators:

Worm Farmers:

Promotions Team:

It is great to think we can make a difference to our school and wider environment.  Children CAN change the world!