Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Yippee - Springston is a Bronze Enviro School!

Very well done to the 'Reflection Team' who shared all our amazing work from over the last three years and shared our understanding of what it means to have a school vision that is sustainable, have students that take action and show that we have made some amazing changes to our school.

We are now officially a Bronze Enviro School. Now the challenge is to keep growing and spreading the vision.

Challenge 1:
Make sure that everyone knows we are an enviro school by...
 - making a special leaflet to put in our 'Starting School Packs'
 - add lots more information and recent information to our school website

Challenge 2:
Help our families create litter free lunches by...
 - making a pamphlet like 'Kidsfirst Lincoln' to give parents ideas about litter free lunches
 - take some photos of great litter free lunches and display them

Challenge 3:
Make connections with our local Māori history and resources by...
 - having school visits to Taumutu our local marae

mmm - can't remember the rest. I'll get the kids to remind me and get back to you.

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