Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Yippee - Springston is a Bronze Enviro School!

Very well done to the 'Reflection Team' who shared all our amazing work from over the last three years and shared our understanding of what it means to have a school vision that is sustainable, have students that take action and show that we have made some amazing changes to our school.

We are now officially a Bronze Enviro School. Now the challenge is to keep growing and spreading the vision.

Challenge 1:
Make sure that everyone knows we are an enviro school by...
 - making a special leaflet to put in our 'Starting School Packs'
 - add lots more information and recent information to our school website

Challenge 2:
Help our families create litter free lunches by...
 - making a pamphlet like 'Kidsfirst Lincoln' to give parents ideas about litter free lunches
 - take some photos of great litter free lunches and display them

Challenge 3:
Make connections with our local Māori history and resources by...
 - having school visits to Taumutu our local marae

mmm - can't remember the rest. I'll get the kids to remind me and get back to you.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Chickens at school!

Today 54 chicks arrived at school.

They are only 2 days old and are going home to many different families. We are raising them so we can bring them back for Pet Day in Term 4.

We like chicks because:

  • they are cute
  • they will grow
  • we can practise ready for when school gets some
  • they eat the bugs and weds
  • they lay eggs
  • we can cuddle them
  • they will eat our scraps

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Springston Enviro School Care Code

Well here it is. After gathering your ideas, Holly and Ursula wrote the song. The boys then helped make the movie. It is our job to learn the song and use it every day.

Lets 'Help the Earth' and make our school an 'awesome place'.

Disclaimer: No animals or children were harmed in the making of this movie! 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Chicken Team - presents our proposal at Lincoln University

Check out our brave 'Chicken Folk' on stage presenting their idea to a whole room full of people. They were adventurous, articulate and worked well as a team.
I will find a way to insert their presentation with the cool movie - 'How do you like your eggs?'

1st - Ladbrooks: Painting picnic tables
2nd - Leeston: Maze Builders
3rd - Ladbrooks: Dream to Read

It was a real challenge to present at the My Town, Lend a Hand competition. We are planning on trying again next year with up to three different teams.

Waste Busters Team Action

Our Stride Inquiry Team of Waste Busters have asked you what we need to do to look after our school. These are the rules we are going to live by. At Springston Enviro School we...

In Springston Enviro School,
We think that it's really cool,
To get rid of excess waste,
To make our school an awesome place.

SO Shut it!
Switch it of!
Pick it up!

Return it!
Recycle it,
Reuse it!

Respect it!

We are making the music and a movie to go with this song so we can share it with the whole school. We hope you will get singing it and start living it too!

Written by Ursula & Holly from Waka Stride

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wind Garden ACTION

We have had the OK from the PTA and a generous grant of $325. With the money we have raised and this gift, we should be able to do a great job on our Wind Garden.

We have purchased and collected the Windsticks from Christchurcn and the Fantails from Little River.
Windsticks $100
Fantails $75 

The posts have been bought, cut, concreted and painted.
Posts, paint and cement $100

This leaves us $225 to buy all the plants and anything else we need.  We will plant them all next week.

WOW, all our planning is turning into something amazing!