Thursday, 27 February 2014

Enviro Schools Tree Planting Celebration

Springston School’s Enviroschool celebration
Springston School celebrated becoming an Enviroschool on Thursday 27th February by planting two native trees in the Springston, now not so Secret, Garden. Matt the Selwyn Enviroschools Facilitator organised the ecosourced trees donated by the DOC native plant nursery in Motukarara.
Even the Monarch butterflies from the insect garden were popping out of their chrysalises to celebrate!

The Springston Secret Garden was first started by the Springston Enviro Community group as one of the actions on their community action plan drawn up after consulting the community. It would never have happened without the huge generosity of local Springston identity, Helen M, making the land available. The hard work to clear and develop the back section for the  garden was originally organised by Terry (who has continued on as advisor) helped by Colin and Geoff

The very useful tool shed and shade house was built by a local team coordinated by Terry, using funds provided by WWFnz.  The Springston Enviro Community is one of the many Selwyn Envirotown community groups started by the Lincoln Envirotown Trust. 

The extensive input by Allana in the early years and more recently volunteer, Zanada, who has given up many, many hours each week, as well as the Lincoln University student volunteers, most recently Sol and Jana, and of course all the children, have brought the garden to its present wonderful community facility. The fact that Springston School is now an Enviroschool  and the garden being part of this is a great outcome for the community.

The garden is not only for the children, it is a community garden and if anyone would like to use one of the beds to grow food, please contact Sue and if anyone would like to help with the garden or are interested in the Springston Enviro Community group, also contact Sue J.  

Jack's Garden

Jack D had his garden judged for the Agricultural Badges in December.  He is so excited about how it has grown that he sent me these great photos.  Make sure you write him a comment about his hard work.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fun Day Tree Planting

If you are coming to the PTA Family Fun Night on Thursday, then roll on up to the Secret Garden at 5.30pm for a special celebration of what we have already achieved as an Enviro School.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Three projects to start 2014

There are three amazing projects to start 2014 for all Springston ECO Warriors.  The ECO Teachers will be helping but we are looking for some Senior Students to lead some of these projects.

1.  Make a scrapbook page about what we achieved last year - to be published in a book! (End Term)

2.  Environmental Earth Hour Movie - for a competition (Due March 7th)

3.  Ellesmere Re-cycled Sculpture Competition (Due 31st March)

Anyone can join so roll on up and belong to one of the project teams.   Come to Room 4 at eating lunch to put your name down for the project you want to be part of!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Check out the Growing Garden!

Over the holidays the garden has just GROWN!

We have lots of vegetables ready to harvest - like giant cabbages and the native trees we planted are looking very happy.

The Butterfly Garden really looks like a magic jungle now and have a whole tribe of caterpillars living there.  We might need to grow some more swan plants to feed them with.

The kids allotments are ready for new gardeners.  We will be taking the names of interested people on Monday so make sure you visit the garden next week!

Here are some jobs or projects we though we could do:
Plant winter vegetables
Label the butterfly plants
Trim the butterfly plants
Plant more swan plants
Begin planning a Māori medicinal garden
Finish the insect hotel mound
Add water to the insect hotel

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Blooming Butterfly Garden

There had been a reported sighting of two monarch butterflies and lots of caterpillars in our garden over the Christmas break.  Come with me for a look at lunchtime on the first day - we will investigate and see what has been growing!

 These photos were taken in the last week of school.  I wonder what the garden looks like now?

Mosaic Friendship Chairs

Check out the amazing project nearly completed by the ECO Team and helpers in the last two weeks of school.  Look carefully at what is written on each one A+, Friends, a helping hand and other bright symbols.  Special thanks to Freya's Mum who came and worked very hard to help complete this challenge.

We need help to finish cleaning off the glue and then sealing these pieces of art so they can then go out into the playground to be used.  Roll on up to Room 4 at lunchtimes if you are keen to help.