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  1. geckos can't blink so use their tongue to clean their eye. skink's can blink.

  2. Skinks can blink. Geckos can't blink but they can lick their eye lids. They have really long tongues. They like to live by plants. They need flowers down low. I didn't know you had to put down bumpy stuff (corrugated roofing). Every year or two or three there are different species being found from the scientists. They need little tubs of water or where it's wet on the ground or watery. They have to be lots in the sun - as much as they can otherwise they won't be able to move anywhere. They like being in stoney-ish bits and they need any sort of grass. And they like hiding from these animals - cats, hedgehogs, rats, and mice, stoats and ferrets. The End
    From Georgia (and typed by Christine)

  3. I love the homework. Made by Georgia (typed by Christine)

  4. Lizards are long-lived and usually stay in the same space for years. Geckos don't blink but they lick their brilles (permanent lens that protect their eyes) to clean them. Geckos tongues are a lot like frogs tongues. It is illegal to collect geckos and skinks and recommended that they are not touched with our skin. The natives plants that are enough to be a mouthful for the lizards are Coprosma, Muehlenbeckia, Melicytus and Gaultheria. From Gemma

  5. I leaned what the name of the lizards name we found its called a common skink.we have over 85 species of lizards living in nz and new ones are getting found every few years.geckos cant blink so they clean there eyes with there tongue
    by Xanthe

  6. The otago and grand skink are nealy extinct and I like this homework! by Thomas


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